What happens in the Fablab?

In the Fablab students…

  • Express their creativity through 3D Printing, CNC Router, Vinyl Applications, Casting & Molding and more!
  • Take a project through the design process all the way from the initial design to the final finishing touches.
  • Research projects with an eye to recreating them or redesigning them with a personal spin.
  • Practice responsibility through safe handling of various tools.
  • Learn and practice skills and how to safely use hand tools, power tools, and computer-assisted tools
  • Learn and practice how to work with a group to produce a tangible product.

We also provide services to the community and parents.

Happy Mothers Day Laser Cutter Craft

On our laser cutter we have the heart for Mother’s Day that you can have personalized! The sign behind the heart can also be personalized for any occasion.

Showing how ShopBot makes furniture

Our ShopBot can make furniture, Linker Logs and more! Wood and certain types of plastic can be used on the ShopBot.

Vinyl Cutting Machine

Vinyl Cutter

Christmas Ornaments made out of wood on a red background

Polytech will have available new ornament collections every year.
Just pick and choose what you like, or have some hand crafted!

HandiBot is used for creating signs and small wooden houses.

The HandiBot is a mini ShopBot and mobile too. We have used it to make signs and small wooden houses for Christmas.

4 FabLab 3D Printers placed on a wooden table

FabLab 3D Printers